Canna Soda Recipe

With this recipe you can turn your favorite soda into Canna Soda at a fraction of the cost of the commercial stuff, plus it's much more discreet! Making your own Canna Soda also allows you to control the potency.

Green Dragon Cannabis Tincture
Soda of your choice

Mix desired amount of tincture with your preferred soda and you've got Canna Soda.
We told you this was going to be easy!

A typical dose is 1 - 2 droppers full in about 8 - 12 oz of soda. Cannabis affects everyone differently though, so we recommend starting off on the lighter side 2-3 drops for beginners, 5 - 10 drops for the average user, and 10 - 15 drops for the experienced cannabis connosiour. You should notice the effects within a few minutes although it can take as long as 15 - 30 minutes for the full effect to take hold. Slowly increase dosage until desired effects have been reached.

Note: Not all cannabis tincture is created equally. At Canna Montana we pack as much decarboxylated cannabis into our tincture as will fit and we let it soak for a few weeks for maximum potency. We also use a 190 proof alcohol based tincture. This ensures the THC and other cannabinoids are fully extracted. While some people prefer the taste of a glycerin based tincture, they are just not as strong and do not have the shelflife of an alcohol tincture. When mixing with soda you do not taste the small amount of alcohol from the tincture.

Canna Montana - Traditonal Green Dragon Tincture - 1 oz = $15:
Contains 30 - 1 ml doses (1 ml = 2 droppers full, Perfect for a 20 oz soda for an average user)

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